Edmonton Earth Day Celebrations

   Apr 23

Edmonton Earth Day Festival 2016 – TOMORROW

So the exhibitors will be there tomorrow. Music will be happening. Dignitaries will be talking.

AND Sailin’ On will be  there with some hot and delicious foods. Sailin’ On does cash only (you can always get cash back with a purchase from Earth’s General Store)

All we need is you to show up and celebrate the 26th anniversary of Earth Day.

Dress Warm!

Edmonton Earth Day Banner 2016

For washrooms, hot soup, hot coffee/tea, and other food products please consider popping into Earth’s General Store at 10150 – 104th Street (about 50 metres to the north of where the festival is happening). There is also hot coffee and beverages at Credo Coffee and Cavern Cafe on 104th Street.

Check out our Facebook Page, Event Page, follow us on Twitter for up to date information.

   Apr 01

Edmonton Earth Day 2016 Festival

It is that time of year when we are embarking on the Edmonton Earth Day 2016 Festival planning.

The tentative plan is to host the festival in the same Pocket Park on 104th street as we had it in last year. The festival will be  on Sunday, April 24th and be from 12 (noon) to 3pm.

We are working on the list of people, organisations, and logistics to bring you Edmonton Earth Day 2016 Festival. We look forward to seeing you at this event.

Check out the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @earthdayedm.


   Apr 13

Milkweed Plants and Butterfly Food

We have all heard about the devastating effect that GMO pollution has caused on the butterfly population in many areas. The die off of the butterflies, especially the monarch butterfly, is related to the loss of their most important food source – the milkweed.

The best way to help the butterflies is to stop supporting the GMO industry. Unfortunately that industry is not going to die soon so the next best thing we can do is to plant habitat for the butterflies and other pollinators on our land.

Who has not enjoyed the sight of butterflies alighting on flowers and moving about their yard. Every child has squealed with joy at having a butterfly land on their shoulder, face or danced after one in a field? We instinctively recognize that they are beneficial and not harmful.

There are many plants that are noted as being very attractive to pollinators. Earth’s General Store continues to highlight these seeds in our seed selection. Of particular note are.milkweed seeds (Asclepias). These flowers offer one of the best food sources for pollinators – especially the monarch butterflies. Check out your local seed supplier and ask for some seeds or drop by to Earth’s General Store.

Milkweed Seeds

Check out the David Suzuki Foundation’s call to plant more butterfly habitat especially milk weed. Check out their webpage.

In an April Fool’s awareness campaign the David Suzuki Foundation encouraged people to knit chrysalises for monarch butterflies. Check out the video.

– Posted April 13th, 2015

   Apr 06

Litter – Be the Change!

Litter – Be the Change!

Such a small piece it won’t matter – right? Well all those little pieces not only add up to be an unsightly mess but they can end up killing people and animals Don’t discard litter – put it in its proper place.

Prevention is best. If you can avoid taking another plastic bag, another disposable container, more packaging than needed, another straw… then great. Don’t be part of the problem – be the solution. If you can’t avoid getting some kind of packaging ensure that it is properly disposed of.

Recently the media has been highlighting the amount of plastic in the oceans. It is not just the garbage that washes up on the shores of the world’s landmass it is microscopic pieces floating around in the oceans and being consumed by aquatic life. That plastic bag that flew out of your car when you were loading it with your groceries may end up in the oceans. Not all littering is intentional. Check out this video clip from Midway Island.

Get into the habit of picking up two pieces of litter a day. Going for a walk? Take a small bag with you and fill it up. The extra bending and such will be healthier for you than just walking and will make the area you are walking less unsightly for your next walk and everyone else. Remind people who litter that it is not an acceptable behaviour. Role model good behaviour to your children, friends, family and society – be the change!

Consider participating in Capital City Clean Up http://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/capital-city-clean-up.aspx to give the city a spring cleaning :).

Just a reminder CIGARETTE butts are litter! So are things like condoms and tampon and tampon applicators that are flushed down the toilet.

Litter is material that isn’t where it is suppose to be. Tampon applicators washed up on the beaches, condoms floating around our oceans looking like jellyfish and eaten by turtles, shopping and garbage bags eaten by whales and blocking their stomachs so they starve, foxes getting the mouths strapped by 6-pack plastic rings, the nicotine toxin getting into our waterways and adversely effecting aquatic life, unused drugs getting into waterways, and the destruction that litter causes continues. Please don’t litter.

Earth Day 2015 – make a commitment to be more conscious of litter, role model great behaviour and pick up some litter. This is a beautiful place we live – let’s take care of it.

– Posted April 6th, 2015

   Apr 21

Edmonton Earth Day Celebration, Sunday April 27

Edmonton Earth Day Celebration

What: Edmonton Earth Day Celebration
Where: Inside, and in front of Earth’s General Store and Adara Hair
9605 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 0Z9
When: April 27, from 12-4pm

Media inquiries please contact:
Michael Kalmanovitch
(780) 439-8725

If you would like to register to let us know you are coming, here is the Facebook link.  If you could, please help share the word and invite those you know. Thanks! We look forward to seeing you there!

Please click on poster to see full image.


   Apr 20

Canada Songs’ John Spearn to MC and Host Edmonton’s Earth Day Celebration

John Spearn will be the “Earth Day Patio Stage” host of this year’s Edmonton Earth Day Celebration.

A “Canadianafolkrootsceltic” artist, John’s music has taken him from sea to sea to sea as a major festival performer, workshop host, and historical curriculum author. John will be welcoming featured performers Paula Eve Kirman, Michelle Boudreau, and Dale Ladouceur for performances throughout the afternoon.

For more information about John Spearn, including biographical details, please visit http://www.johnspearn.ca

This year’s Edmonton Earth Day Celebration takes place April 27, 12-4, in front of Earth’s General Store.

   Apr 20

Article in St. Albert Gazette

Thanks Kevin Ma for posting the following article in The St. Albert Gazette…

“Local to bring ‘trashy’ dresses to Earth Day
Garbaganza collection featured at annual eco-event

By: Kevin Ma

| Posted: Saturday, Apr 19, 2014 06:00 am

If you ever wanted to see a ball-gown made of squeaky toys, you’ll get your chance later this month at Edmonton’s Earth Day celebration.

April 22 is International Earth Day – a celebration meant to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Edmonton’s Earth Day event will be this April 27 at the Earth’s General Store, said Michael Kalmanovitch, store-owner and spokesperson for the Edmonton Earth Day committee. The committee had originally planned to hold a larger event along the length of 118th Ave., but weren’t able to arrange it with the city in time.

Earth Day is the one day out of the year where we are supposed to pay attention to the planet that supports us all, Kalmanovitch said.

“We do not exist without the Earth and it being in good health,” he said. “We need to start paying attention to this host we’re living on and start taking better care of our environment.”

This year’s free event – Edmonton’s 24th – will feature musical performances, tai-chi demonstrations, educational booths from local eco-groups, and seminars on composting, green eating and urban beekeeping, Kalmanovitch said.

Also featured will be a fashion parade by the up-cycling group Garbaganza.

Garbaganza is a loose affiliation of about 12 artists in the Edmonton region that turns trash into fashion, said Christy B., the group’s founder and St. Albert resident. “It creates a way for us to find humour in our waste.”

Christy said she started making these dresses from discarded or recyclable materials as a hobby about 20 years ago. She gets her materials from her own trash, donations, and the Edmonton Re-Use Centre. She and her fellow artists now have about 30 finished outfits, a selection of which will be at Earth Day.

The dresses include such absurdities as a stately gown made from blue garbage bags, a dress made from crocheted VHS tapes (which were still in use when the dress was made, Christy notes), and a “doggone ball-gown” – a rainbow-hued curiosity made from scores of squeaky dog-toy balls.

“It’s my response to the frustration I get when I see so much waste,” she said, especially packaging waste. It’s been decades since anyone’s used a VCR tape, for example but those tapes – and the dress made from them – are still around, un-decayed, years later.

Christy hopes the dresses will get people to rethink their purchasing habits to produce less trash. “I want them to laugh at their waste.”

Edmonton’s Earth Day runs from 12 to 4 p.m. at Earth’s General Store, 9605-82 Ave. Visitors are advised to walk, bike or bus to the event, as on-site parking is extremely limited.

Visit edmontonearthday.ca for details.” – Kevin Ma, St.Albert Gazette.

   Apr 10

Edmonton’s Earth Day Celebration Wraps Up Earth Day Week


Join Us for the Edmonton Earth Day Celebration April 27 in front of Earth’s General Store. from 12-4

For Immediate Release

(Edmonton, Alberta) After the success of last year’s “Small is Beautiful” event, we are pleased to announce that Earth’s General Store will again be the host for this year’s Edmonton Earth Day Celebration. The event will be running from 12-4 pm in front of Earth’s General Store (www.egs.ca) and Adara Hair & Body Studio, 9605 – 82nd Avenue (corner of 96th Street and 82nd Avenue), and will provide a family friendly wrap up to a week of Earth Day celebrations.

Featured at the event will be music provided by John Spearn and friends Michelle Boudreau and Paula Eve Kirman.

There will be some “how-to”eco-displays and workshops

There will be Tai Chi demonstrations by FLK/Taoist Tai Chi TM running throughout the day.

Families will have an opportunity to participate in some “Recycled Play” with our favorite fashionistas “Garbaganza” as they bring their artistry and eco-friendly fun to the event.

Earth’s General Store will be hosting their annual Rain barrel sale.

Watch this site for updates regarding this and additional events happening during Earth Day week!

You can also reach us via email at edmontonearthday@gmail.com

The Edmonton Earth Day Team