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   Apr 06

Litter – Be the Change!

Litter – Be the Change!

Such a small piece it won’t matter – right? Well all those little pieces not only add up to be an unsightly mess but they can end up killing people and animals Don’t discard litter – put it in its proper place.

Prevention is best. If you can avoid taking another plastic bag, another disposable container, more packaging than needed, another straw… then great. Don’t be part of the problem – be the solution. If you can’t avoid getting some kind of packaging ensure that it is properly disposed of.

Recently the media has been highlighting the amount of plastic in the oceans. It is not just the garbage that washes up on the shores of the world’s landmass it is microscopic pieces floating around in the oceans and being consumed by aquatic life. That plastic bag that flew out of your car when you were loading it with your groceries may end up in the oceans. Not all littering is intentional. Check out this video clip from Midway Island.

Get into the habit of picking up two pieces of litter a day. Going for a walk? Take a small bag with you and fill it up. The extra bending and such will be healthier for you than just walking and will make the area you are walking less unsightly for your next walk and everyone else. Remind people who litter that it is not an acceptable behaviour. Role model good behaviour to your children, friends, family and society – be the change!

Consider participating in Capital City Clean Up http://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/capital-city-clean-up.aspx to give the city a spring cleaning :).

Just a reminder CIGARETTE butts are litter! So are things like condoms and tampon and tampon applicators that are flushed down the toilet.

Litter is material that isn’t where it is suppose to be. Tampon applicators washed up on the beaches, condoms floating around our oceans looking like jellyfish and eaten by turtles, shopping and garbage bags eaten by whales and blocking their stomachs so they starve, foxes getting the mouths strapped by 6-pack plastic rings, the nicotine toxin getting into our waterways and adversely effecting aquatic life, unused drugs getting into waterways, and the destruction that litter causes continues. Please don’t litter.

Earth Day 2015 – make a commitment to be more conscious of litter, role model great behaviour and pick up some litter. This is a beautiful place we live – let’s take care of it.

– Posted April 6th, 2015

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